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HOMR researched every roofing company in Dallas and Fort Worth, determined to find the very best in 5 core roofing service areas. After an exhaustive process, we selected the best DFW roofers for each of these 5 categories:

  • Best DFW Residential Roofing
  • Best DFW Roof Repair and Maintenance
  • Best DFW Roof Installation
  • Best DFW Gutter Repair and Installation
  • Best DFW Solar Roofing Expert

In this article, we’ll explain our criteria for selecting the best Dallas-Fort Worth roofing contractors and the Dallas-specific roofing issues they address. Then we’ll introduce you to HOMR’s 5 choices for Dallas roofing services.

Bonus for DFW Homeowners: Every Dallas area homeowner can get a free quote from ALL of our award-winning DFW roofers, gutter pros and solar experts! Send us one message for your free quote — no sign ups, fees or commitments required!


Table of contents

Our Criteria

❌ Deal Breakers

✅ The Bare Minimum

🔥 Above And Beyond

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The Data & Research: Why You Should Trust Us

HOMR handled 49 residential roofing projects for our members in the last year. Roofing services provided in these projects included new roof installation, roof repair, full roof replacement, solar panel installation, gutter installation, and routine maintenance service calls.

We used member data and feedback from these roofing service calls to choose our 5 Dallas Fort Worth area roofing categories. We combined that information with Dallas residential roofing contractor data points to select our winners.

Tackling Dallas-Fort Worth Residential Roofing Concerns

Image of tile roof damage from debris with underlayment exposed. Dallas roof repair contractors.
Hail, extreme heat, and debris from live oak and crape myrtle trees wreak havoc on Dallas roofs.

DFW homeowners face some of the most challenging weather conditions in the country — factors like hail and extreme heat can shorten the lifespan of roofing materials.

“A 30-year shingle isn’t a 30-year shingle in Dallas,” Travis Jones from Smart Roof and Home Performance told us. “We have extremely harsh weather conditions. Brutal heat, bitter cold, torrential rains, hail and high winds. Whatever you can throw at a roof, DFW does it.”

Dallas area residents have 3 key roofing concerns to contend with throughout the year. HOMR looked at each roofing company’s ability to address the following concerns:

  • Roof Damage from Debris and Hail. Dallas roofs and gutter systems sustain damage from live oak and crape myrtle debris, especially after heavy rainstorms. Texas also experiences over 500 hail events per year — these hailstorms cause dents and dings to your gutter system, rip up asphalt shingles, and dent metal roofs.
  • Roof Damage from Extreme Heat. North Texas recently experienced 72 straight days of over 100° heat. Prolonged heat exposure can melt your asphalt shingles and cause metal roofs to warp. 
  • Foundation Damage from Rainwater. Dallas gets 39” of rain per year. On a 1,000 square foot roof, that’s over 23,400 gallons of water. DFW homes need quality roof and gutter systems to properly guide all that water away from their foundations.

We decided our Dallas-Fort Worth roofing award winners had to provide expert solutions to these roofing issues.

So how did HOMR use its residential roofing experience, service data and feedback, and Dallas’ homeowners most pressing needs to select the top 5 DFW roofers in our award categories? Let’s explain our decision-making process.

Dallas roof replacement costs 15-25% more than the national average. Learn all about the true cost of replacing your roof in Dallas in our updated cost guide.

How We Selected the Top 5 DFW Roofers

A roofer's tool belt on top of a shingle roof. Used to display Dallas roofing repair work.
The U.S. Census Bureau reports over 4,300 roofing contractors in DFW. We selected the 5 best for our Dallas roofing awards.

It wasn't an easy choice. The U.S. Census Bureau reports over 4,300 roofing contractors in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

We started our selection process by checking for current licensing and insurance information for every Dallas area roofing and gutter company. We eliminated any contractor who did not have an updated license or insurance. 

We then eliminated any provider who had an outstanding complaint levied against them with Dallas City Hall in the last 2 years.

We strongly preferred local roofing companies with a wealth of Dallas area experience. We selected contractors who live and work in the Dallas area — living here gives a roofer personal experience with what DFW homeowners actually need from their contractors. 

As part of this section, we also gave preference to DFW roofers and gutter pros that offer warranties on both their materials and their workmanship. HOMR likes contractors who stand by their work long after the job is completed.

From here, we became highly specific with our selection process. For example, there are several exceptional commercial roofing companies in Dallas, but our focus is on residential roofing services. We chose to focus on roofers who specialize in residential projects.

We looked for service providers with outstanding service records in our 5 specified categories:

  • Overall Residential Roofing: We looked for the roofing contractor that provides the most well-rounded roof system for total home protection at a price point that meets current industry standards.
  • Roof Repair and Maintenance: The average Dallas roof replacement costs between $8,000 - $15,000. Make sure that money is well spent on the right contractor.
  • New Roof Installation: A professionally installed roof protects your home from Texas hail storms, extreme heat, and falling debris from live oak and myrtle trees. 
  • Gutter Repair and Installation: A quality gutter system is an important piece of your roof structure, diverting rainwater off your roof and away from your foundation
  • Solar Roofing: Texas ranks 2nd nationally for solar installations (SEIA). Solar roofing systems are a part of Dallas’ energy future, so they’re a vital part of our roofing awards.

It took a great deal of time and research, but we narrowed down 4,300 DFW roofing companies to our 5 award-winning DFW roofers, gutter contractors and solar providers.

DFW homeowners: Message HOMR for a free roofing quote from any of our winners!


Our Picks for 2023 Best of DFW Roofing

🏅 Best Overall DFW Residential Roofing: Scott Exteriors

Why We Like Them: Scott Exteriors has operated out of Lake Highlands for nearly 30 years. Scott Exteriors has a visible, excellent customer service record. They are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints, and have been accredited since 1997.

HOMR selected Scott Exteriors for their exceptional commitment to quality. They offer a minimum 5-year workmanship warranty on residential roof replacements, which outpaces the DFW roofing industry. Scott Exteriors also carries more liability insurance than is required by Texas state law.

Scott Exteriors also goes above and beyond in their recommendation process. They offer transparent business and credit references to potential customers to earn confidence.

Specialty Service: Roofing Plus Exterior Expertise.

HOMR gave Scott Exteriors high marks for their variety of service offerings. They handle new residential roof installation, partial roof repair and total roof replacements. They also offer specific Dallas-Fort Worth roofing solutions like wind turbines, power vents, and Class IV impact resistant shingles to protect against hail damage.

Scott Exteriors also provides siding and window options for DFW homeowners.Residents looking for large-scale exterior remodeling contractors can hire Scott Exteriors to handle every facet of the project.

🏅 Best DFW Roof Repair and Maintenance: Brighton Contracting

Why We Like Them: With the average DFW roof repair cost rising to $8,000-$15,000, there’s no reason to take chances with a less experienced contractor. 

Brighton Contracting brings over a decade of Dallas area experience to every project. Their overall home maintenance and repair skills are among the best in the DFW area — it’s their responsiveness and industry connections that set them apart.

Brighton Contracting has strong ties with Dallas-Fort Worth’s best subcontractors in the electrical, plumbing and HVAC industries. You never know what a roof repair project may include — will major storm damage affect the wiring under your roof? Will hail impact your roof’s wind turbines?

HOMR likes the peace of mind that comes with Brighton Contracting’s connections. They’ll always be one call away from the right subcontractor for your roof repair. Allan (their owner) is also one call away — his response time and promptness score high with customers.

Specialty Service: Emergency Roofing Services + Insurance Assistance

Brighton Contracting emerged as the winner for DFW Roof Repair and Maintenance for their emergency roofing service package. When roof damage requires an immediate fix, they send a specialized emergency roofing crew to your home for a free estimate and assessment — if you agree, they’ll start right away.

Brighton offers a full warranty on their work, not just materials. And the cherry on top? Their in-house experts will help you navigate the process of filing an insurance claim.

🏅 Best DFW Roof Installation: Scott Exteriors 

Why We Like Them: Scott Exteriors received two HOMR DFW roofing awards — this one in the specialized category of Best DFW Roof Installation Company.

We’ve already mentioned their A+ rating with the BBB since 1997, and their 30+ years’ experience in the Lake Highlands area. Scott Exteriors is also a member in good standing of the North Texas Roofing and Contractors Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and National Roofing Contractors Association.

Specialty Service: No Kickbacks + Industry-Leading Warranties

Scott Exteriors are primary brokers of roofing installation. That means they don’t take any kickbacks from products or materials sold. You’re offered the best materials for your individual roofing project — no hidden agendas.

Scott Exteriors offers an unrivaled 5-year warranty on all labor and materials for your home roofing installation. Extending that warranty on their workmanship displays the confidence, skill and quality we like in a roofing company.

🏅 Best DFW Gutter Repair and Installation: Creative Gutter

Why We Like Them: Creative Gutter has provided Dallas Fort Worth area homeowners with excellent service for over 40 years. HOMR found recent work history and strong reviews from 16 Dallas area neighborhoods, including Carrollton, Southlake, Plano and University Park.

Creative Gutter offers seamless gutter systems in multiple styles — the popular aluminum K-style gutter (on most homes), half-round and box gutters. Their team of local, experienced contractors offer clear pricing options built around your project’s specific requirements.

Their service options include residential gutter installation, gutter repair, gutter maintenance, gutter guards, screens and extensions.

Specialty Service: Free DFW Seamless Gutter Estimates and Outstanding Warranties

We really like Creative Gutter's free estimate system. They provide a transparent pricing system for the homeowner. Their review process is meticulous and HOMR members trust their estimate to match the final bill.

HOMR also values Creative Gutter's warranty offers. They offer a 20-year warranty on all materials for DFW homeowners. They also offer a 2-year workmanship warranty, which covers all labor-related services. 

We asked Dallas-Fort Worth’s best gutter pros for their top tips on gutter installation. Check out their advice on putting new gutters on your home.

🏅 Best DFW Solar Roofing Expert: Smart Roof and Home Performance

Why We Like Them: Smart Roof and Home Performance (Smart Roof HP) is owned by Travis Jones, who spent 5 years studying solar panel technology to become Dallas’ top expert on residential solar. 

Travis is a selective DFW solar contractor who only takes on installation projects that make sense for homeowners. He offers thorough analysis of individual homes and their potential to save money through solar conversion. 

“You have to compare how much electricity your [solar] is producing, and how much it would just cost you to buy it through the grid,” he explains.

Specialty Service: Solar Panel Expert Estimates. 

The key factor that set Smart Roof HP apart as the best Dallas solar expert is Travis’ ability to Dallas residents when solar isn’t right for their homes. HOMR likes that Smart Roof HP won’t install a solar system on a home unless the owner stands to actually save money over time.

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Get a Free Quote from These DFW Roofers!

Congratulations to all of our Dallas Fort Worth area roofing award winners! We’re proud to consider these contractors as HOMR featured partners — and that comes with a great perk for all DFW homeowners.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, all of these companies will provide you with a free quote for their services! You don’t have to sign up, make any commitments, or pay any fees — we simply want to connect you to the best home roofing professionals.

Send us a quick message — we’ll respond promptly, and set you up with your free quote!


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